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Butterflies and bees

The best plants for butterflies and bees
By: Proven Winners®
14 Apr, 2022

Human life isn't possible without butterflies, bees and other useful critters. Not only do they make delicious honey, they also pollinate our crops. Without bees, we would no longer be able to bite into a nice juicy apple. And of course, butterflies dancing around in the garden is synonymous with that lazy, laid back summer feeling.

Good for the garden too

Fun fact: the more little critters you have in your garden, the more it's naturally balanced. Having many different plants attracts many different useful creatures. And so what if you have aphids on your favourite plants? Ladybugs will come to the rescue, because to them, the aphids are a delicious snack. So, by planting a large variety of plants in your garden, you will create a healthy balance and will have less trouble with diseases and pests.

Plenty of reasons to want to attract butterflies and bees to your garden. But which plants are best for that purpose? We have put together a Top 10. You can see them all in this video:


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