Proven winners

Proven Winners®: a better garden starts with a better plant 

Proven Winners® shrubs are the result of years of crossing, testing and selecting: only the best plants prove their worth and are selected to become Proven Winners® plants.

Proven Winners® shrubs are:

- Unique & innovative: Proven Winners® shrubs are bred and selected to always offer something extra or unique. For example: stronger branches, unique flower colours, larger flowers, richer blooms, special leaves or a more compact or low-growing habit.
- Multi-season appeal: Most Proven Winners® shrubs are attractive from spring to autumn, for example, because they have a longer flowering period, have brilliant leaves/leaf colour throughout the season, have beautiful autumn colours or combine several of these features.
- Healthy & colourful plants: Only healthy and strong species are selected to become Proven Winners® plants. By using healthier plants you have a greater chance of success in having a beautiful and colourful plant for your garden or terrace.
- Easy to maintain: Proven Winners® plants help to achieve beautiful results with minimum effort as Proven Winners plants are easy to maintain. Proven Winners plants are suitable for both enthusiastic beginners and experienced gardeners.
- Hardy: All Proven Winners® plants are hardy to at least -20°C so that you can enjoy them year after year.
- Winners: Proven Winners® are also real winners! Many Proven Winners shrubs have won professional awards in recognition of their special characteristics, uniqueness and innovativeness.