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Drought-resistant plants

A carefree summer with drought-resistant plants
By: Proven Winners®
24 May, 2024

A carefree summer with drought-resistant plants

Summer is a wonderful time, the sun shines in abundance, it is nice and warm and you can enjoy your garden or balcony until late in the evening. However, your plants often need extra water in those hot and dry summer months to stay beautiful and healthy. And even then, if the plants chosen are not suited to full sun exposure, they may be "lost" to drought and heat. Fortunately, there are plenty of beautiful garden plants that can withstand these conditions just fine. How nice is that!

We give you tips on how to best help your garden plants during the dry, hot summer months and introduce you to the drought-resistant plants from Proven Winners' collection.

Watering: be smart!

Be smart about watering. Give plants in the garden a lot of water once a week rather than a little every day. This will give them a firmer root system, which makes the plants stronger. Or install a drip irrigation system, which delivers water directly to the roots. Really 'smart', because water evaporation is then minimal. Of course, plants in pots do need to be watered more often. But here you can opt for a slightly larger pot, for more water buffer.

Pamper the soil

Besides watering, it is important to cover and care for the soil. You do this by spreading a layer of organic material around your plants, such as tree bark or compost. This mulch layer makes the soil less likely to dry out. Water is retained better and seeps into the soil more slowly, allowing the roots to absorb water for longer. Moreover, you help improve the structure of the soil this way. Just compare it to a beauty mask for your garden!

These plants don't get sunstroke

With drought-resistant plants, you have a worry-free summer. They also thrive during longer periods of drought and flower at least as beautifully and abundantly. We mention Vitex Blue Diddley, Spiraea Double Play® Red and Hibiscus Sugar Tip. But there is much more! Discover drought-resistant plants from Proven Winners:


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