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The advantages of planting in October

Autumn is sometimes called the forgotten planting season.
By: Proven Winners
03 Oct, 2023

Most people get to work in their gardens in spring, when the supply of trees, shrubs and plants is at its greatest. What a pity! Because autumn is also an excellent time to plant. October is perhaps the best planting month of all. We would like to explain to you why planting shrubs in October is a very good idea. 


Soil temperature

Planting shrubs in October has many advantages. The soil temperature often starts to cool down then but is still warm enough for the plants' roots to take root. This promotes healthy root development before winter arrives.


Less stress

A second benefit is that plants go dormant in October. This allows them to put their energy into rooting after planting. Then, when a cold spell arrives in winter, these plants are already fully rooted.


More rain

Another plus: rain falls more often during this period, which is beneficial for the newly planted shrubs. But also for you, because when it rains you don't have to water them from the tap.  Especially in this time of climate change, where spring is getting drier and warmer, planting in autumn has more and more advantages.


Less competition

In autumn, weeds tend to grow slower, so the new plantings have less competition when it comes to getting enough nutrients, water and light. This helps the plants to get established, in time before winter arrives....


Fine working temperature

Last but not least, gardening in October is also ideal for you. It is still pleasant outside, not too hot and not too cold. Good weather to get to work in your garden! And well, the occasional shower is not so bad!


So...get to work! Look around in our webshop and discover the best Proven Winners® shrubs for your garden. If you plant them now, you can already enjoy them next spring!


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