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Turn your garden into a sweet shop for bees and butterflies!

We will give you some ideas to make your garden bee- and butterfly-friendly!
By: Proven Winners®
04 May, 2023

Bees and butterflies are super important. Did you know that without these pollinators, there would be far fewer fruits and vegetables in the shops? So we should spoil them a bit! We will give you some ideas to make your garden bee- and butterfly-friendly and tell you which plants are real magnets for these useful insects.

Why bees and butterflies are so important

Butterflies and bees are always on the lookout for flowering plants. They love the nectar and suck it from the flower. Bees also collect the pollen to take to their nests. In their search for food, bees and butterflies carry pollen from one flower to another. This pollination allows us to enjoy delicious apples, strawberries, tomatoes and courgettes every year.

How to attract bees and butterflies to your garden

Make your garden or balcony a paradise for bees and butterflies by choosing richly flowering plants. Indulge these beautiful and useful creatures with plants that bloom at different times so that they can find food for quite some time. Leave spent flowers and flower stems in the autumn, many bees and other insects overwinter in them. Extra tip! Hang a bee and butterfly hotel on a sunny wall or fence where they can nest.

These plants make bees and butterflies happy

There are lots of beautiful things to choose from and with the right mix of plants, you will have flowers in your garden or balcony for a very long time. Super nice for you, and very important for bees and butterflies! In May and June, for example, the beautiful Abelia Sweet Emotion®, Spiraea Double Play® Red and Viburnum Oh Canada® flower, while in summer Buddleja 'Miss Pearl', Hydrangea Little Quick Fire® and Hypericum Sunny Boulevard offer plenty of nectar and pollen. With brilliant flowers in early autumn, Caryopteris Beyond Midnight® is a top plant for bees and butterflies.

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