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Winter garden magic

Read all about the magical winter garden in this blog
By: Proven Winners
02 Jan, 2024

Winter garden magic: relax and enjoy!

Winter brings an enchanting calm to the garden. Plants slumber in hibernation and there is a serene atmosphere in the air. There are still a few small chores to do before the cold sets in but then a period of rest begins for the gardener too. So put aside the pruning shears, rakes and hoes because you won't need them for the time being. In fact, your plants benefit from being left alone for a while. Besides, the Proven Winners plants are all hardy, so there is no need to worry. Find out why 'doing nothing' in winter might be the best thing you can do for your garden.

The final chores

Before you let your garden quietly nod off into its winter sleep, you can help the plants get through the winter well with a few simple chores:

- The dry flowers of Proven Winners hydrangeas make a beautiful winter display. Worried about the branches breaking off during a heavy snowfall? Then cut off the spent flowers just above the leaf or leaf bud. This prevents the thinner branches from breaking.

- Protect shrubs from frost by placing a layer of leaf litter around the base. This will keep the worst of the cold away from the plant's roots.

- Do you have plants in pots? Gather them and put them close together in a sheltered spot. If necessary, wrap some foil or burlap around them and they are ready for winter. Water them a little if necessary to prevent them from drying out.

Furthermore, winter naturally does a very good job without our help. The gradual drop in temperature helps the plants go dormant, allowing them to resist cold and unwanted pests and diseases. A layer of snow even has an insulating effect, protecting them from cold and wind.

Low-maintenance enjoyment

Plants thrive best in winter with as little maintenance as possible. So leave them alone and only prune in spring if necessary. Moreover, Proven Winners' plants are all hardy, which means you can let the garden run its course in winter, worry-free.

Winter refuge

In winter, your garden is a haven for animals. Birds look for food there, small animals find shelter and insects nestle among the plants to hibernate. So don't clean up your garden too much and leave leaf litter between the plants as much as possible. By doing nothing, you contribute to maintaining a balanced ecosystem in your garden.

Let nature take its course in winter. Doing nothing' is the best form of gardening this season, allowing you to relax and look ahead to the coming growing and flowering season!


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