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2 Years Warranty

Proven Winners plants grow and flower well without asking too much. Is growth or flowering a bit disappointing? Let us know and we will give you tips on how to solve it. If the plant dies even though you have taken good care of it, let us know. We will then provide you with a new one.
Rocketstar® Amethyst
Rocketstar® Amethyst
Rocketstar® Amethyst

Rocketstar® Amethyst

Butterfly bush (Buddleja)

Small shrub with huge flowers

Even the grower at Proven Winners® is still amazed every time: such large flowers on such a small bush. A real eye-catcher for people and animals. Make it even more colourful by combining the many colours of butterfly bushes from the Rocketstar® series. The butterflies won't know what hit them!

  • Flowering periodwhole summer, autumnFlowering period
  • Hight60- 90 cmHight
  • Extra'sbutterfly attractant, staying smallExtra's
  • Width60- 90 cmWidth
  • Beware!doesn't like shadeBeware!
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Buddleja x 'SMNBDL' Rocketstar® Amethyst - Propagation prohibited! EU PBR applied for