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2 Years Warranty

Proven Winners plants grow and flower well without asking too much. Is growth or flowering a bit disappointing? Let us know and we will give you tips on how to solve it. If the plant dies even though you have taken good care of it, let us know. We will then provide you with a new one.
Little Quick Fire®
Little Quick Fire®
Little Quick Fire®

Little Quick Fire®

Panicle hydrangea

Beautiful colouring flowers

If you are looking for a compact panicle hydrangea with a not too bright colour, then Little Quick Fire® is the best choice. Blooms at the beginning of summer with white flowers that quickly turn pink-red. With beautifully patterned, healthy leaves. A good choice for a smaller garden or in a pot.

  • Flowering periodwhole summer, autumnFlowering period
  • Hight90- 120 cmHight
  • Extra'sautumn colourExtra's
  • Width60- 90 cmWidth
Hydrangea paniculata 'SMHPLQF' Little Quick Fire® - Propagation prohibited! EU PBR 46612