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Proven Winners plants grow and flower well without asking too much. Is growth or flowering a bit disappointing? Let us know and we will give you tips on how to solve it. If the plant dies even though you have taken good care of it, let us know. We will then provide you with a new one.
Lemony Lace®
Lemony Lace®
Lemony Lace®
Lemony Lace®

Lemony Lace®

Red elderberry (Sambucus racemosa)

Fast growing Japanese maple?

With its gracefully fine, incised leaf, it somewhat resembles a Japanese Maple. In summer, at least. Because when the flowers emerge, they reveal that it is, in fact, not a Maple. And in autumn, its edible elderberries once again make that clear. This Sambucus has beautiful bright yellow leaves and is a healthy grower that should be pruned well after flowering.

  • Flowering periodlate spring, early summerFlowering period
  • Hight180- 210 cmHight
  • Extra'sedible berriesExtra's
  • Width120- 150 cmWidth
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Sambucus racemosa 'SMNSRD4' Lemony Lace® - Propagation prohibited! EU PBR 49475