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Enjoy colourful summer flowers all summer long

We have highlighted some fantastic summer-flowering shrubs for you.
By: Proven Winners®
01 Jun, 2023

Enjoy colourful summer flowers all summer long

Summer is just around the corner, a wonderful time to enjoy the beautiful summer flowering shrubs that brighten up your garden, patio or balcony. We have highlighted some fantastic summer-flowering shrubs for you. These beauties bloom in the summer months of the year and give your garden or balcony a cheerful and inviting atmosphere.

The ever-beautiful Hydrangea

One of the most famous and popular summer flowering shrub is the Hydrangea. With its large, striking flowers, it is a real eye-catcher in your garden. Most Hydrangea varieties flower from June to September and are available in many shades of pink, white and blue. But there are other colours too! Take, for example, the compact Hydrangea Ruby Annabelle® with its unique ruby red flowers buds. Do you like bright pink flowers? Then choose Hydrangea Flair & Flavours® Sweet Cupcake!

For colour and butterflies: Buddleja

Another great summer bloomer is Buddleja, or butterfly bush. Buddleja is known to attract many butterflies and bees and to flower abundantly. Buddlejas have white, blue, purple or pink flowers and flower all summer long. Tip: if you cut away the spent flowers, it will produce new ones in no time. Our favourite compact varieties are Buddleja Blue Chip Jr and Buddleja White Chip®. Blue Chip Jr blooms with blue-purple flowers, White Chip® with brilliant white ones. Because they are so super compact, you can put them in the garden as well as in a pot on your balcony. Moreover, these varieties are non-invasive because their seeds are sterile.

The carefree summer bloomer Spiraea

Looking for a first-class summer bloomer? Then go for Spiraea! Our favourite is the compact Spiraea Double Play® Doozie. Unlike other Spiraea varieties it flowers continuously from late spring to autumn with beautiful deep red-pink flowers. The emerging leaves turn from deep red to dark green, completing the colour spectacle!

Whether you have a large garden or a small balcony, there is always a summer bloomer to suit you and your situation!

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