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Evergreen plants

In this blog, we share the benefits of evergreen plants in your garden.
By: Proven Winners®
01 Dec, 2023

The benefits of evergreen plants in your garden

Give your garden a timeless allure with evergreen shrubs! These versatile plants retain their beautiful foliage all year round and bring colour and atmosphere to your garden or balcony in all seasons. In this blog, we share the benefits of evergreen plants in your garden.

Year-round fun with evergreen plants

Evergreen shrubs make your garden a feast for the eyes all year round. And they really steal the show when other trees and shrubs have lost their leaves. Think of evergreen shrubs with striking leaves, such as Viburnum Shiny Dancer® or Rhododendron Bollywood®. Both also surprise you in spring with beautiful flowers. With these beauties in your garden, there is something to enjoy every season.

Privacy, even in winter

If you want to sit in your garden in winter or don't want neighbours or passers-by on the street to be able to look inside your house. Then a hedge of evergreen shrubs is the way to go.  Whether you choose a tidy tall hedge or a lush lower hedge, you will have year-round privacy. For example, plant Viburnum Sweet Talker® as a beautiful (semi) evergreen hedge with the added benefit that it starts to flower as early as late winter.

Resting points

After a busy day, it is great to come home to a garden where you can unwind. Evergreen plants are ideally suited for creating structure and a relaxing atmosphere. They can be used as single plants in a flower border or for evergreen hedges. The graceful Ilex glabra Gembux® and Pyracomeles Jukebox™ are very suitable for this. They are similar to the well-known boxwood, but are more disease-resistant.

Carefree enjoyment with evergreens

That's another great thing about evergreens: the rake can stay in the shed! Every now and then, an evergreen loses some old leaves, but you simply gather them up. So instead of spending hours sweeping leaves, you can enjoy your garden. 

Evergreen plants turn your garden into a beautiful green oasis all year round. They give you privacy, peace and relaxation. View all evergreen shrubs from Proven Winners® in the webshop.

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