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Hooray: pruning really isn't always necessary!

It is perhaps the most frequently described chore in the garden: pruning.
By: Proven Winners
29 Feb, 2024

Many gardeners are quite reluctant to do it because they are unsure about the approach. What is the best time, how much should be taken off? Pruning stress lurks. But relax! Many Proven Winners© shrubs don't need pruning to stay healthy and beautiful. And if you do want to prune, think about the reason.

When in doubt, don't prune 

So in principle, most Proven Winners© shrubs do not need pruning to grow and flower well. This is mainly due to the way the plants are grown. Take, for example, the compact Diervilla Kodiak® Mixx , Physocarpus opulifolius Tiny Wine® Gold and Weigela My Monet Sunset®. And there are many more varieties like this in the range. That's enjoyment without (pruning) worries!

I prune because...

Do you still want to prune? Before you pull out the pruning shears, it's a good idea to ask yourself why you want to prune. It could be that the shrub has grown too tall or too wide, or that it is not producing enough flowers. Pruning is then not always the only option. Look around your garden first, maybe you can move it to another spot, for instance with more growing space, sun or shade.

A very old shrub can sometimes start to flower less or develop an ugly shape and dead branches. This is a good reason to prune: remove the ugly or dead branches to rejuvenate the shrub. Or choose to replace the old shrub with a new one. Newer varieties often keep a nicer, more compact shape and flower more abundantly. Proven Winners© shrubs, among others, are selected for this.

In short: many shrubs grow and flower just fine without regular pruning. In doubt whether to prune? Then don't! Above all, enjoy your low-maintenance garden and prune only when necessary.

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