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The secret of pruning unraveled
By: Proven Winners®
03 Mar, 2023

The secret of pruning unraveled

spoiler: it's not hard at all!

Many gardeners find pruning complicated. Because when should you prune and aren’t you pruning too much or too little? In this blog we answer these questions and we can reassure you in advance: it's actually quite easy!


Is it always necessary to prune?

Most shrubs, including those from Proven Winners®, have a naturally appealing habit and therefore do not require extensive pruning to remain healthy and beautiful. In doubt? Then don't prune. Is the shrub getting too tall or too wide, or is it hardly flowering? Then get out the pruning shears.


Before pruning

It is good to know that there are two types of flowering shrubs: those that flower on old wood (from last year) and those that flower on new wood (this year). Shrubs that flower on old wood are best pruned immediately after flowering. Shrubs blooming on new wood should be pruned in the spring. Tip: Does the shrub bloom (well) before 21 June? Then it usually blooms on old wood.

Okay, scissors in!

Try to prune about a third of the branches. You can do this in two ways. Cut the entire bush back evenly or prune selected branches near the ground. You do the latter to rejuvenate the bush or to bring "air" into it. Always use sharp pruning shears and cut the branch straight, this will keep the "wound" as small as possible. 


Tell yourself, pruning is not difficult at all!


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